Elevating Hybrid Teaching with CK12: Boosting Reading Skills in Students

Discover how CK12, an exceptional online platform, can elevate hybrid teaching by enriching students' reading skills. Explore personalized learning, assessments, and more with CK12 for an engaging and effective classroom experience.

Hybrid teaching is a challenging but rewarding way of delivering instruction to students who are learning both in-person and online. One of the key skills that hybrid teachers need to foster in their students is reading comprehension, especially for complex texts that require critical thinking and analysis. In this blog post, I will share how teachers can use the tool CK12 to enhance their hybrid teaching and promote reading skills among their students.

CK12 is a free online platform that provides high-quality, standards-aligned content for various subjects and grade levels. CK12 offers interactive textbooks, videos, simulations, quizzes, and more, that can be customised and assigned to students according to their needs and preferences. CK12 also supports adaptive learning, which means that students can progress at their own pace and receive personalised feedback and recommendations.


  1. Premade Interactive Textbooks: One of CK12’s standout features is its library of pre-existing interactive textbooks. These textbooks are a treasure trove of educational content, covering a wide range of subjects and topics. What makes them even more powerful is that teachers can customize these textbooks to perfectly align with their teaching objectives. This adaptability allows educators to tailor the learning experience to the unique needs of their students, creating a truly personalized approach.
  2. Customizable Interactive Elements: CK12 empowers teachers to go beyond the ordinary. You’re not limited to the content within the textbooks; you can also add or embed interactive elements like videos, images, audio, simulations, and assessments directly into the chapters. This feature opens up a world of possibilities for engaging, dynamic lessons. Whether you want to clarify complex concepts with a video, spark discussion with a thought-provoking image, or assess student understanding through quizzes, CK12 has you covered.
  3. Integration with LMS Systems: In today’s diverse educational landscape, the ability to seamlessly integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS) is indispensable. CK12 offers compatibility with a wide array of LMS platforms, including Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Schoology, and more. This means that you can effortlessly incorporate CK12 resources into your existing teaching environment, streamlining your workflow and ensuring that your materials are readily accessible to students.
  4. Robust Student Tracking: To truly understand the impact of your teaching and the engagement levels of your students, CK12 provides detailed insights. You can keep tabs on student usage and precisely how each student interacts with the lessons and elements within the platform. This data-driven approach allows you to tailor your instruction even further, addressing specific areas where students might need extra support or enrichment. The result is a more effective and responsive teaching strategy.
  5. AI Assistant, Flexi, for Guided Learning: CK-12 introduces an AI assistant named Flexi, designed to provide just the right amount of support to students without giving away answers. Flexi is like a digital guide that helps students navigate through challenges, clarify doubts, and encourages critical thinking. It’s a fantastic tool for preventing students from getting stuck and fostering a problem-solving mindset.
  6. Entirely Free – Forever: CK-12 operates as a not-for-profit organization, committed to the mission of making quality education accessible to all. This dedication extends to its pricing – it’s completely free. And when we say free, we mean free for good. You won’t find hidden costs or subscription fees. CK-12’s wealth of resources and tools are available to everyone without any financial constraints.
  7. Educator Programs for Enhanced Teaching: CK-12 recognizes the vital role that educators play in shaping students’ learning experiences. That’s why they offer comprehensive programs for teachers. One such program is the CK-12 Certified Educator Program, which is globally recognized and, just like CK-12 itself, is entirely free. It equips teachers with the skills and knowledge to maximize the platform’s potential, benefitting both teachers and students alike.
  8. Shared Content Across Schools and Districts: CK-12 fosters collaboration and resource sharing among educators. Teachers can access, modify, and share content with their peers within the same school, school district, or even a network of schools. If this feature isn’t readily available, contacting CK-12 support can help set up this collaborative ecosystem. It’s a fantastic way for educators to pool their resources and create a richer learning experience for students.
  9. Dedicated and Responsive Support Team: CK-12 takes its commitment to educators seriously. Their support team is proactive and ready to assist, ensuring you’re always in good hands. This robust support system differentiates CK-12 from other free tools, as it offers enterprise-level support for all users. You can rely on CK-12’s support team to provide guidance, assistance, and solutions, making your teaching experience more effective and less stressful.

One of the benefits of using CK12 for hybrid teaching is that it allows teachers to create engaging and differentiated lessons that can be accessed by students anytime, anywhere. Teachers can use CK12 to assign readings, videos, and simulations that match the learning objectives and standards of their curriculum. They can also use CK12 to create assessments that measure students’ understanding and mastery of the content. CK12 provides teachers with data and insights on how students are performing and where they need more support or challenge.

Another benefit of using CK12 for hybrid teaching is that it helps students develop their reading skills and strategies. CK12 offers a variety of text types and formats, such as articles, stories, biographies, essays, and more, that expose students to different genres and purposes of reading. CK12 also provides features such as text-to-speech, highlighting, annotations, glossary, and translations, that support students’ comprehension and vocabulary development. Moreover, CK12 encourages students to interact with the text and apply their knowledge through questions, activities, and projects.

CK-12 is not just a resource platform; it’s an invaluable partner for educators in today’s evolving teaching landscape. With CK-12, you can take your hybrid teaching to new heights, providing students with high-quality, interactive content, and fostering essential reading skills. It’s a comprehensive package that enhances your instructional practices while supporting you every step of the way. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or just starting your teaching journey, CK-12 offers the flexibility, support, and resources you need.

Feel free to explore CK-12 and embrace the future of hybrid teaching. If you have any questions or need assistance, CK-12’s dedicated support team is just a message away. It’s time to elevate your teaching with CK-12.

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