The Sky in Our Week: How Planets Gave Us Our Day Names

Have you ever wondered why we call the days of the week Sunday, Monday, or Friday? The answer lies in the stars! Our weekdays are named after celestial bodies - the Sun, Moon, and five planets visible to the naked eye. This fascinating connection between our calendar and the cosmos reveals a rich tapestry of ancient astronomy, mythology, and cultural beliefs that have shaped human civilization for millennia.

Are Education Expenses Tax Deductible?

Happy Parents
Education is a significant investment in the future, often accompanied by substantial costs that can strain the finances of families and individuals. Many wonder if they can offset some of these expenses through tax deductions and other financial benefits.

5D Thinking in Education: A Holistic Approach for Educators

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, educators are constantly searching for innovative methods to foster deep understanding, critical thinking, and moral development in their students. One such approach gaining traction is 5D thinking (5DT), a conceptual framework designed to integrate…

Teachers: The Key to School Success

Every child holds a promise, and every teacher must act as a facilitator or enabler, especially as schools reopen after summer vacation. Children, having enjoyed their break, may feel it was too short, indicating their preference for a friendly environment - something schools must consider.

Customer Care: The Key to Successful School Management

In today's competitive educational landscape, schools are not just places of learning but also service organizations that cater to the diverse needs of students, parents, and the broader community. Providing exceptional customer care is critical to building strong relationships, fostering a positive reputation, and ensuring the overall success of an educational institution.

Evolving Education in the After Covid-Stage world

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has stirred a seismic shift across the educational landscape, compelling us to recalibrate our systems, strategies, and mindsets. As we transition from the DC-Stage (During COVID-19) to the AC-Stage (After COVID-19) of Education, the imperative to forge a path defined by innovation, excellence, and equity becomes paramount.