UpSchool: The Platform for Project-Based Learning and SDG Goals

a post pandemic classroom

As technology continues to evolve, the education sector is also moving towards a more innovative approach. Project-based learning (PBL) is gaining popularity among educators as it focuses on student-centered learning that allows learners to engage in real-world problem-solving. This teaching methodology is more effective as it develops critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills among students.

UpSchool is a new web based platform that aims to support PBL and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in schools. The platform is designed to support teachers in delivering effective PBL through the use of technology. The online platform allows teachers to create, manage, and assess student projects while fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Gavin McCormack, a renowned educator from Australia, has been contributing to society by promoting PBL and SDG goals. In a recent webinar, he discussed the importance of PBL and how it can prepare students to tackle real-world challenges. The webinar was a grand success, and participants learned about the benefits of PBL and how to implement it in their schools.

Webinar introducing UpSchool

Schools can join the UpSchool platform for free to help their students achieve PBL and SDG goals. By joining the platform, teachers can access various tools that can help them in creating effective PBL projects. These tools include project templates, rubrics, and project management tools. Upschool also provides professional development opportunities for teachers to improve their skills in delivering effective PBL.

UpSchool is a platform that supports students, parents and teachers. Students can learn by solving real-world problems, while teachers can provide meaningful and effective learning experiences.

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