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Enhancing Education with SAMR Model

Embracing technology's transformative potential in education is pivotal for modern educators. The SAMR model, an innovative framework, has emerged as a guiding light. SAMR, encompassing Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition, empowers educators to reshape teaching practices through technology integration. In this comprehensive guide, educators will delve into the world of SAMR, discovering its stages, practical application examples, and strategies to overcome challenges.

UpSchool: The Platform for Project-Based Learning

a post pandemic classroom
Upschool is a free web based platform that supports project-based learning and Sustainable Development Goals in schools. The online platform offers tools for creating, managing, and assessing student projects while fostering a collaborative learning environment. With Upschool, schools can achieve SDG goals, provide meaningful learning experiences for students, and improve teacher professional development.