Create Super Newsletter with SMORE

Smore is an awesome online tool to create newsletters. Its interface is simple and intuitive. It offers ready to use templates which also allows you to add media elements like images and video, and change fonts and colors. The following are some features that makes SMORE a must if you want to communicate to a crowd on a regualr basis

  1. Ready to use templates
    There are a gallery of temples available which can be customised. The user can also change the font and background of the newsletter
  2. Easy Mailing lists
    The reciepient addresses can be easy imported and stored as mailing lists. This allows you to use smore for multiple campaigns and audiences.
  3. Built in option for users to unsubscribe
    If a reciepient wishes to unsubscribe to your mail campaign, they can do this easily with default unsubscribe option in the email.
  4. Deep Analytics
    Once a newsletter campaign was sent, you can see in depth analytic of who all have opened the message and how many times. You can also see where the recipients are located.
  5. Integration with Canva
    A special feature to design beutiful newsletter is the integration with Canva. You can select a built in design or design something out of scratch in Canva and use to as the header in Smore.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are many special features like built in image editor, adding to a dns entry for easy access, features that help use it as a team, copy code for mass mailing tools etc which are for the advanced users.

The pricing of Smore for educators starts at US$ 79 per year, but do check their site for awesome offers.

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