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The Surprising Tale of Punctuation Marks!

The evolution of punctuation marks is a testament to the ingenuity of the human mind. From ancient Greece to medieval England, these symbols have evolved and adapted to make our writing more expressive and easier to understand.

The Power of Process-Oriented Teaching

In the world of education, there’s a quiet struggle between two different ways of teaching: focusing on the end result or focusing on the journey. It’s not just a debate about teaching methods, but something that shapes how kids think.…

The Crucial Role of Eye Exams for Kids

Unlocking Learning Potential Every new school year brings a wave of excitement, fresh notebooks, and eager minds ready to soak up knowledge. However, what if some of these young minds are starting the academic journey with a hidden obstacle –…

The Power of a Morning Greeting: Setting Students Up for Success

As educators, we know the importance of starting the school day on a positive note. How we greet students first thing in the morning sets the tone for their learning, behavior, and mood throughout the day. A warm, intentional morning greeting can boost students' emotional well-being, reinforce that they are cared for, and strengthen our teacher-student connections.

The Need for Theological Studies in Childhood Education

Studying theology helps nurture children's spiritual quotient (SQ), which is their ability to find meaning, purpose and value in life. Exposure to religious stories, rituals and practices helps children recognize and appreciate the spiritual dimension of human existence. Learning about theological concepts like the soul, divine will, and the afterlife supports children's innate spirituality and sense of wonder about existential questions.

The Flipped Classroom: How Khan Academy Enables a New Model of Learning

The traditional model of classroom instruction involves the teacher lecturing in front of the class and students passively receiving information. This Teacher-Centered approach is now being challenged by a new Student-Centered model called the flipped classroom. The rise of Khan Academy as a free online learning platform is enabling educators to embrace this innovative approach.